Favourites: June 2015

Hi loves! So today I am back with my June Favourites post. I have to admit that I did try a lot of products but I was not satisfied with all of them.


The first thing I wanted to buy this month was a really good concealer. Every single one I own looks cakey on me and I just hate it. So I decided to give a go to Catrice Camouflage Concealer. I will say so far so good. It gives a really great coverage on the pimples and even if you have really light circles around your eyes it would cover them as well. But I still feel like this one covers my dark cirlces better than any other concealer. The only problem about this one is that if you don’t warm this one on your hand before putting in on the under eye area it will go into wrinkles and look terrible. But anyway if you are in a budget and looking for a full-coverage concealer buy this one, it costs around 5€ and you can buy it in every drugstore.


The next thing that I bought was related to the first. I have always been using the same powder for my face and around my eye area. Then I figured out that the concealer still goes to my undereye wrinkles and nothing actually worked. Last time when I was in drugstore I talked to assistant that told me that I should try a matte eyeshadow to fix my concealer. At first I was sceptic but then I realised that an eyeshadow has a really light strucure comparing to the press powder. I have decided to take Catrice Matte Eyeshadow in 090 Give me Frosted cake. The colour is a mixture between light pink, white and beige and is perfect to set the concealer because it doesn’t actually leave any colour it just sets the concealer so it does not go to the wrinkles and does not look cakey.


The next product is the Essence Blending brush. I swear of all the brushes I own this one is the best. It has really soft hairs that allow you to apply eyeshadow in the crease or anywhere you want it to be blended really easy. It doesn’t pick up to much colour and I like that because I rather see that I have to apply colour a few times that just one time and everything would look silly. This one is the best one for its price because it costs only around 3€. If you are looking for a good blending brush go for this one!


Last but not least are some great nail polishes. One from Essence and two from Kiko. The Essence one is a great yellow colour, it is just a sunny or kind of sunflower yellow colour with a nice shine to it. It is in the shade 38 Love is in the air. As I already talked in my nail polish haul (here) this one lasts around 2-3 days.
If you are reading my posts you already know that Kiko is my holy grial. I recieved two nail polishes one in light blue and one in silver. I figured out that the silver one doesn’t fully cover even after two times of applying and it doesn’t last as long as the blue one. It stays on for 5 days which is amazing!


That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.



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