Little tricks

Hi ladies, I am back today with a very special post! I have been looking forward to writing this one, because I love sharing my little secrets how to make my makeup better! Some of the tricks I learned from my past makeup mistakes, I saw some of them on the other blogs that I read and have tried them and now they work great for me. For every trick that I didn’t discover by myself I will link a makeup blogger that inspired me to try it.

1. Primer
A little trick that may sound really wierd is that after shave cream works great as a primer. It really hydrates your skin as much as needed and covers up the pores and makes skin really soft and ready for any makeup. If you don’t believe me, you should try it yourself!



2. Primer and foundation
I have always been using primer before the foundation, but I found out that sometimes when I used to much primer the foundation didn’t go on as it should. A few weeks ago I started thinking what if I would mix the primer and foundation together and it turned out the best mixture possible. I swear it gives your skin a flawless finish.

3. Concealer
Many people are applying concealer wrong and this means just on the dark circels around your eyes. You should apply the concealer in a triangular shape, because it will brighten up the under eye area and will make you look more fresh and awake.

4. Setting powder
When I use a mineral setting powder I always like to apply it with my beauty blender especially under my eyes, because it makes it look natural and puts just enough setting to that area.

5. Brows
First of all when we come to brows we need to discuss which colour is the best for you. If you have darker hair you should choose a eyebrow colour two times lighter than your hair. If you have lighter hair you should choose a eyebrow colour two times darker than your hair.

6. Brows
Shaping brows is the next step I wanted to share with you. If you have a brow pencil draw a line exactly where your brow ends in the bottom. Then take s brush and brow colour and in front where your hairs are up do up motions to make it look more natural.


7. Contour
Don’t apply the contour on your cheek bone but right bellow it. Apply a blush on your cheek bone.


8. Lips
To make your lipstick matte apply press powder on your lipstick.

9. Tools
I always like to wipe my beauty blender in a paper towel so it doesn’t soak in as much foundation and concealer as it does when it is not wipped.


I hope you enjoyed the post and that some of tricks will help you.

Talk to you soon,


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