Favourites: May 2015

Hi lovies! How are you doing? I have recieved so many little gifts this month because both of my parents have been traveling and they have bought me some goodies. I tried all of them and I am in love. Most od the products are from Kiko, which is one of my favourite drugstores.

I will begin with two products that are not from Kiko. One is from Flormar which is a French company, that produces makeup and lipbalms. A few weeks ago I have already written a post about this Flormar lip balm in comparison with EOS lip balm. As I said there I am really satisfied with it, but you can read more here.

The second product that I really admire this month is the new Makeup Revolution lipstick. It is from new collection that has been relised in May, but it came to Slovenia about two weeks ago. I bet you all know I am talking about Iconic Pro collection. I swear I fell in love with them the first second I saw them on the internet and I couldn’t wait for them to finally arrive in our online shops. Their package is so classy, I don’t know they are special. They are really pigmented and they actually smell really nice. I chose the colour We were lovers which is a really dark pink colour with red undertone. I want to own every single colour from this collection but first and mostly I would like to own colours Looking ahead, You’re a star and Not in love.



Next are 3 Kiko nail polishes. As I said in my Nail polish haul I loved Kiko’s polish, even though I owned only one. They stay on for such a long time, as long as Opi nail polishes that cost 3 times more than Kiko ones. From Portugal I got two ordinary nail polishes and one from quick dry collection.
I would love to tell you which colours I own but there are actually two numbers written on every polish so I don’t know which one is right.

The next thing I got from Kiko from Portugal are two Smart Eyepencils in shades 800 and 815. The shade 800 is a glittery bronze-gold colour and 815 is gliterry black-grayish. They are long lasting and don’t smudge during the day. I love them!



Last but not least is the Kiko Smart lipstick in 903. I love this lipstick as much as I love the Makeup Revolutions one. It is really pigmented, stays on for a long time and smells like vanilla extract. Is this the new fashion? Making lipsticks smell like something? Well ofcourse I find it better than a stinky lipstick.
The only thing I can say is that Kiko is heaven.


I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll talk to you guys soon.



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