Eos vs. Flormar

Hi ladies! Again I’m sorry for my lack of posting, currently my weeks are busy and I have something every single day. So as the most of you who follow me on my Facebook know I have bought EOS lip balms. I have had one for over a year and it was time to buy a new one.
My mother has been traveling to France and she went to Flormar which is a beauty & care store.


I just wanted to compare this two, and give you my personal opinion. Both od them come in a really similiar packiging, kind of an egg shape actually. You can tell the difference between them right away. The Flormars lip balm is smaller than EOS.

I own two different flavours from EOS and one from Flormar. From EOS I have Summer Fruit and Blueberry Acai. Summer Fruit smells like strawberries, blueberries and peaches. Blueberry Acai smells like blueberries and acai strawberries. Flormar smells like Medicated Tangerine from EOS, so after oranges and tangerine.
What I actually noticed is that EOS actually tastes good, it tastes as it smells, but the Flormar lip balm doesn’t have a taste at all but smells really good.




Both EOS and Flormar have a really creamy texture and they don’t feel heavy on lips. I just feel like normal lip balms like the one from Labelo leave a strange feeling on my lips, I don’t if it is just me or do others feel that way to. I find Flormar lip balm even more creamy than EOS but they are both wonderful.

The only thing I find kind of bad for both of these is their price. EOS costs 7-8€ which I think is expensive, despite the fact that it is 95% organic and 100% natural. Flormar costs 6-7€, but I didn’t find any information about if it is natural or organic.

To sum up I can say that EOS is the only lip balm that actually saved my dry lips in winter and it is my personal favourite lip balm of all time. For Flormar lip balm I can’t say how it works out for me, because I haven’t been using it for such a long time now and currently my lips aren’t dry.


I hope you all enjoyed the post and I’ll talk to you again soon.


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