Favourites: April 2015

Hey ladies! I am ashamed, I haven’t posted in two weeks. I was so busy in school and we had some birthday parties and much was going on so I didn’t manage to write a single post. Even when I had some free time I had spent it sleeping and hanging with my friends and my boyfriend.

I have had much going on in April. I went on university in Graz to see if I would like to study there and then went to do some shopping. I bought a few new things and I must say I am satisfied with them.


I was in Yves Rocher where I bought skin care products. I have bought a cleaning gel Hydra Vegetal for normal and mixed skin type. It is made mostly from plant extracts and makes your skin feel really hydrated, but it is also good for removing makeup from your skin.


Another product was the same from Hydra Vegetal face cream also for normal and mixed skin type. I just feel like it is really light, hydrates your skin and goes into your skin really quickly so you don’t have to wait long for it to dry.

Last but not least is a PurBleuet eyemakeup remover. This one is my favourite of all eyemakeup removers. It is made from Cyanus flower water, which hydrates your skin and doesn’t burn around eye area.

Because I haven’t bought many products this month this is the last one, L’oreal Lumi Magique. I love this one so much, like it actually beats every foundation I have been using until these one. It has a medium coverage, it is blendable and it doesn’t make your skin look kinky, but complete opposite. It makes skin look healty and beautiful. There are also lots of other bloggers that have been loving these foundation. You should give it a try, it costs only 15€.

So that is all for now, but I have prepared a lot of posts for next few weeks.



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