Makeup Revolution Haul

Hi loves! I am back and today with a long post about my Makeup Revolution collection. My story with Makeup Revolution started last summer when I first ordered their makeup from my favourite online store Lič Today I am going to do something new. I am going to write HIT or MISS for each product. Hit means that I love it and I would buy it again. Miss means that something bothers me and I wouldn’t buy it again.

The first product I got from them was Makeup Revolution The One foundation which is compared to Mac Face and Body Foundation. I have already written my opinion of it here, so I am just going to move to other products.


Moving on to concealers. I have been using The Matte Effect Cover and Conceal for so long. It blends out very well, but because I have really dry skin under my eyes I just feel like it makes it look really kinky. But If you don’t have problems with dry skin just go for this one. HIT

The next concealer I have tried was The One Concealer that dissapointed me so much, because it just looked fancy but it is just useless. I has vaselin all around and in the middle there is a spot where there is concealer, but when you apply it everything around is greasy and you can’t apply makeup normally after that. MISS


The next products I am going to talk about are blushes. I have their cream blushes and blush palette. I am more satisfied with cream blushes because they are pigmented but they also blend out really well so you can also achieve a really natural look with them. Before I found these blushes I have always used compact ones, but now I am only in love with these. They are really cheap, avaliable in all shades possible and come in really useful and small packing. HIT



Next is my Ultra Blush palette, which I like because the blushes are pigmented but I don’t feel like hot pink blush on everyday basis. It is okay for a night out when you want your makeup to be more shinny. There are also two highlighters which dissapointed me because they are not pigmented at all, you can apply 6 layers and you won’t be able to see them. But if you want all your blushes in one place and you like more noticeable colours go for it. MISS


Next product that I love is Bronze, Shimmer and Highlight bronzer. All the colours are beautiful but I just like to mix them all together to get a perfect shade and then use it for bronzing or contouring. I don’t use the lightest colour for higlighting because it is too dark for me and the whole highlighting would have no point at all, but this colour is great if you want a really natural look. HIT



Moving on to highligther. I have a Baked Vivid Higlighter. It is so gorgeous. It contains glittersowherever you put it it looks fabulous. Mine is in a champagne shade and pigmented, lasts really long. It makes the cream highlight perfect! HIT


Moving on to my favourite products of Makeup Revolution: eyeshadow palettes. You just won my heart with them really. I have four of them, two big and two small ones. All of them are so pigmented and so beautiful and you can go from day to night makeup in a few minutes without switching palettes because these contain every single colour you will ever need, from nude, pink, brown, red, gold to black. If you are on a budget this is the palette you should get! I need nothing more but all the shadows in one place and that’s exactly what Makeup Revolution is offering to us! BIGGEST HIT




On first picture left Beyond Flawless Palette, right Flawless Palette. Second picture Iconic 1 palette. Third picture Baked Eyeshadow palette.

Next favourite product is a liquid eyeliner. One side is a thick pencil on other a thin one. It allows drawing a really gorgeous line even for beginers. It doesn’t smudge after you apply it and it is the blackest black, pigmented so much and costs only 5€, can you imagine? This is heaven. HIT


When it comes to lashes I am not so satisfied anymore. I mean it has the flat comb that really colours your lashes and makes them long but it doesn’t give them any volume and I just feel like my eyes burn when I apply them. Maybe I am alergic to something in this mascara, I have no idea. MISS


And here come my beloving lipsticks. I have already written a post of how much I love them and I want to tell you again. They have a creamy texture so they are easy to apply, they stay long for a long time and cost only 2€, can you imagine? HIT


Of liquid lipsticks I have tried a Salvation Lacquer which is a matte lipstick and Lip Lava. Both pigmented, but Salvation Lacquer stays on so much longer because it is matte. Lip Lava contains vitamin E so it doesn’t dry your lips. Both of these are amazing! HIT



Last but not least are Pro Fix and Eyeshadow primer. Both make your makeup stay on for at least 7 hours without moving. What else can you wish for? For everyone with greasy skin, I have noticed that Makeup Revolution has released an Oil Control spray so I think you should give it a try! HIT


To sum up there are a lot of products that I absolutely love and there are some that don’t work out for me but these is the brand that sells quality products, not tested on animals and with a acceptable price.

If anyone tried any of this products let me know what you think of them!

XOXO, Tajka


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