Nail polish haul

Good morning ladies! A few weeks ago I posted a nail polish idea and nail care tips so today I decided to show you my nail polish collection and which ones are must have and which disappointed me. I have so many nail polishes that I don’t know where to start. I have some cheap ones and some expensive ones, but sometimes there isn’t even a difference in quality between them.

I am going to start with my Essence collection. They cost about 2-3€. I am satisfied with their quality. You have to apply two layers to get an intense colour. They last on nails for 2 or 3 days with a top coat. They are a cheaper alternative but I like the colour choice.


Shades from right to left from Colour&Go Collection: 114 Fame fatal, 109 Off to Miami!, 158 If I were a boy, 165 Here’s my number, 175 Be berry now
Next one is a Studio Nails better than gel nails. This one disappointed me so much, when you put it on the top of your nail polish it just destroys the nail polish because the pieces of it start to crack down and because of that I used it only once.
Next one is Show your feet – toe nail polish in shade 15 Flamingo Rose. This one is really long lasting and such a beautiful colour. I recommend it to everyone that likes their toe nails to be settled.
The last one is from a Holiday collection from 1 year ago in shade 01 Joy to the world. I love the purple side because it is obviously a gorgeous colour. I like the glitter but they are so hard to remove.

This is it from my Essence collection. Moving to Catrice and Manhattan. I am satisfied with Catrice nail polishes because of their pigmentation after two layers and because they last from 2-4 days. With Manhattans I am not so happy. It is true that they dry quick and I love the colours but they just fade away in day.


I don’t know the shades from Manhattan Quick dry nail polishes.
From Catrice the shades from right to left: Gel-Like top coat, 340 Run Forest Run!, 59 First Class Up-Grape, 06 Oh my goldness!

Moving on to some random nail polishes. Some of them are for nail drawing, some of them are glittery. So I have one from Deborah I have no idea which shade it is. Then I have some Vollare Cosmetics Nail Artistic for nail drawing. Next I have glitter top coat from L’oreal Paris. Then I have a Bourjois nail polish in shade 25 Beige Ambre. Next two polishes are from Misslyn in shades Crocodile and Glitter Top Coat It girl. The last one is from Kiko, this one is my favourite beside Opi’s nail polishes. I bought it when I was in Germany. I am so sorry that I haven’t bought more :(. I love the pigmenation and it stays of from 3 days and more. Absolute winner for its price! Mine is in shade 373.


The last nail polishes from my collection are Opi’s. I love them that’s the only thing I can say about them! Pigmentation, lasting everything is on such a high level. The only thing that may bother some people is that they cost 15€. But I swear they are worth it!



Shades from right to left: Monsooner or later, Opi Red, An Affair in Red Square, Bogota Blackberry


Shades from right to left: A woman’s Prague-ative,  Meet me on the star ferry, Koala Bear-y


Shades from right to left: White Shatter, Birthday Babe, Passion, A butterfly moment

To sum up the must haves are Opi nail polishes and Kiko! I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll talk to you soon!

XOXO, Tajka


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