Makeup Revolution lipstick collection

Hi loves! I wanted to dedicade this post to my all time favourite lipsticks. I think we have all tried a lot of lipsticks that didn’t work out for us because of their texture when we applied them, because they stood on your lips perfectly just for a few minutes, because they made your lips dry and many other reasons why we rather left them somewhere in the back of our makeup drawer. Last summer I was looking for some makeup and I just bumped in this Makeup Revolution lipsticks on the internet. I was so sceptic because of their price. They cost 2€ each, which is a funny price. I think we all agree about having doubts about quaility of them. But they are my absolute winners.

Makeup Revolution lipsticks come in a really cute packages. On the top of the cover they have the transparent part where you can see the shade of the lipstick. They smell great. They are so easy to apply because they get creamy when you put them on your lips. I won’t even start with how pigmented this lipsticks are. Their pigment is on 100%. What is even better is how long they stay. If you don’t eat or drink they will stay on your lips for whole day, but even if you do just the redundant part of lipstick will go away but everything else will stay on place. Makeup Revolution is selling so many colours that it is hard to decide which one to take. You can get 10 lipsticks for 20€. Can you imagine? This is heaven.
This lipsticks are so great, I have all of mine except one in pink shades because I absolutely love pink lipsticks. I am planning to intensify my collection of them.

I think that my favourite lipstick brand of the year has already gotten in hands of Makeup Revolution, because I think that rarely any lipstick can beat their pigmency, durability and ofcourse price. From expensive lipstick you expect all of this to be at the highest level.

Here are pictures of the shades I own. Shades from left to right are The One, Treat, Mistify, Chic, Beloved, Reckless.




I hope you all enjoyed the post and happy wearing if you buy them. You can get yours at Lič or at

XOXO, Tajka


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