Barry M Flawless Foundation

First impression on Barry M Flawless Finish foundation

Hi loves! I heard a lot of good things about Barry M Flawless Finish foundation so I decided to buy it. Today I finally recieved it and I decided to do a first impression on it. The bottle looks really cute and it has a pump so it is really easy to measure out the amount of the foundation you need. It contains 30g of foundation. My shade is Ivory which is a really light one. It says that it hydrates your skin and is based on water and it doesn’t contain oil which makes it great for mixed and greasy skin, because it doesn’t clog up your skin.  It’s coverage is medium. If you want a full coverage you need to build your foundation. It has a creamy texture which makes it easy to apply with fingers and with foundation brush. It blends out really easily and it makes your skin look natural and quite perfect. The great thing is that it has a matte finish so your face doesn’t shine. I used about two pumps for my whole face. 

Barry M Flawless Foundation shade So the first impression I love the way it looks and I love the way it blends and how it feels on skin. It feels like I wouldn’t have anything on my face. It really feels hydrating on your skin. With one or two pumps it really does look natural but the more you build it up the less natural it will look. If you want your foundation to last long you need to set it with a setting powder. This foundation is great for everyday because it makes your skin look healthy, natural and good looking. So far my impression of this foundation is really good. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll talk to you soon. XOXO, Tajka Barry M Flawless Foundation

  • If you are from Slovenia you can get your Barry M Flawless Finish Foundation here
  • For others here

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